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Gamlet Manufactures Cab Boom for NYC in Expanded Facility

Gamlet’s Trolley Boom product line business (USTB, division of Gamlet, Inc.) is completely operated from the newly expanded 190 Carlisle Avenue location. USTB recently successfully built, assembled, tested and shipped a boom and cab assembly, currently in operation in New York City. The photo provides a birds-eye view of the boom, across the Manhattan skyline.

Gamlet Inc. has fully operationalized its second facility, located at 190 Carlisle Avenue, York, PA. Prior to its move to 1750 Toronita Street, York, Gamlet operated at the Carlisle Avenue location for over 28 years. Shortly after the move, Gamlet realized that it needed additional room to grow, and the Carlisle Avenue location offered open space, perfect for a number of manufacturing opportunities. This location includes the second laser cutting machine, in addition to a number of welders and additional finishing facilities. This additional 46,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehousing and office space bring Gamlet’s total business space to over 90,000 square feet.

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