Metal Finishing

Industrial Wet Application, Powder Coating and Stainless Steel Polishing


Metal Finishing

Metal Product Finishing and Industrial Painting

Innovative design and structural integrity are not the only components of a quality product; a functional and attractive finish is equally critical. At Gamlet, we always put the extra time and effort into making our products look great. Our full-service facilities includes streamlined finishing, painting, and powder-coating systems and equipment, to ensure that the metal products and components we deliver are aesthetically pleasing and ready to use when you receive them.

Gamlet offers a variety of finishing options:

Industrial Metal Polishing

With decades of experience polishing stainless steel and aluminum, we provide a smooth and uniform finish, free of blemishes and able to conform to the strict requirements of the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

#4 brushed finishes on both Types 304/316 Stainless Steel

Aluminum brushed finishes

Dual-action sanded finish on carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum

Priming and Painting

With a wide range of supplier options, Gamlet is capable of matching virtually any color. All of our painted products receive a smooth and even coat, after which they are oven-baked to ensure a durable and lasting finish.

Industrial-Grade Powder Coating

The hardness and durability of a powder-coated finish is difficult to match. Our facilities include a state-of-the-art powder coating system, complete with an 1120 square foot oven, ranging in temperatures from 100 - 400 degrees F, and we are capable of meeting your color and surface finish requirement.