Product Design

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Product design

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Product Design Engineering Support

The core of our innovative processes centers around a wealth of formally trained and road-tested, accredited technical specialists specific to product and component engineering. Gamlet has been key to the development and implementation of a number of technical, commercial, industrial and military-based projects. From engineering precision electronics components to rolling military vehicles

off the production line, Gamlet has worked closely with clients to see the "big picture" of the project, assisting them in carefully evaluating and assessing how the innovations we help develop are implemented within the larger framework.

Solidworks™ Design

Gamlet's products design engineering team is widely recognized as a group of innovative and experienced specialists, but maintaining this reputation is just as important as earning it. We understand that the best design software will yield the best results; consequently, the latest edition of SolidWorks is the design software of choice. With the ability to create parts, assemblies, and detailed drawings, this invaluable tool enables our engineers to turn a customer's penciled sketch into a tangible, functional product. Our engineering staff is well versed in the software, and is ready to design and perfect your next product, down to the last detail. Our current operating system is SolidWorks 2019.